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Rates, Plans and Fees

OnePrice Plan

With OnePrice Plan, you pay the same amount every month, making it easy to set it and forget it. Your amount is tailored to fit your household’s needs. And with no settlements or true-ups, you no longer have to play the thermostat game, knowing you'll pay the same amount every month. No surprises.

Get a quick OnePrice Plan monthly estimate for your service address.

With OnePrice Plan, your monthly price will remain the same throughout the length of your contract to protect you from fluctuations in weather, based on historical gas usage at the premises.

Gas South reserves the right to terminate your contract because of non-weather-related increases in consumption as further specified in the Terms and Conditions. If this occurs, you will automatically be enrolled on Gas South’s standard variable price contract.

The only added charge you'll see on your monthly OnePrice Plan statement is sales tax.
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Fixed and Variable-Rate Plans
You can view your contract end date within your online account under My Rate Plan. You have until the end of that month to choose a new plan. You may also call us at 866-428-6330 and we will be happy to verify your rate plan expiration.
You'll receive written notification 30 to 60 days before your current rate plan expires. You can select a new fixed-rate plan within your online account, via your letter remittance slip or by calling us at 866-428-6330. If no selection is made, your gas will remain on and you'll automatically move to our variable-rate plan when your current rate plan expires. Please visit our Fixed vs. Variable Rates page for more information about these plans.
Variable-rate customers can lock in a fixed rate or choose OnePrice Plan® at any time. Fixed-rate customers can also choose OnePrice Plan at any time. Simply log into your online account, or call us at 866-428-6330. Fixed rate and OnePrice Plan customers are also sent notification when it’s time to renew. You can learn more about and compare the different plans that we offer on our Rates & Plans page.
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BridgePlan is a natural gas program that brings choice and savings to customers with little or no credit.

As with all Gas South’s plans, there’s no deposit, saving you up to $150. You can choose between a fixed or variable rate, which tend to be lower than rates offered through competitors or the regulated gas provider.

After 12 months of good payment history, you’ll be able to move to a lower standard rate and save even more.

We retired Pay-As-You-Go® in 2019 and replaced it with the simplified BridgePlan program. With BridgePlan, there are no estimates or upfront payments. You’ll simply pay for the gas you've used after your meter is read each month. BridgePlan also allows more time to pay.
Yes. While BridgePlan is designed as a solution for customers with little or no credit, anyone signing up on any of our plans must meet minimum credit requirements.

No. Once you’re approved, there’s never a deposit required to start service with Gas South.

If you are just turning on natural gas service for the first time, you may see a connection fee from Atlanta Gas Light on your first bill.

After 12 months of good payment history on BridgePlan, we’ll offer you one of our standard rate plans (with lower rates per therm.)

You’ll receive your first bill after your first billing period (after your meter is read). Learn more about how to read your gas bill with our helpful guide.
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There’s no contract agreement on a variable-rate plan—you’re free to choose another plan at any time. On other plans, there is an agreement that requires an early termination fee if you choose another plan before your term of service has ended.
This fee is for maintaining your account and includes the cost of generating and maintaining your bill, providing customer service and account maintenance functions. For most residential customers, the amount varies between $6.95 and $9.95 based on your credit and location, with qualified seniors receiving a discounted customer service fee of $4.95. For business customers, the customer service fee varies between $6.95 and $9.99.
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