Utility Companies Versus Natural Gas Providers

These days in Georgia, residents and businesses have a choice when it comes to their natural gas providers. And that means better prices and service for customers here compared to other states where utility companies run a monopoly on this clean-burning fuel. But even in states where natural gas choice is an option, utility companies still perform an important function to deliver your natural gas. In Georgia, that utility company is Atlanta Gas Light (AGL).  

Gas South vs AGL: What's the difference?

Who is Atlanta Gas Light?

As one of the oldest companies in Georgia—serving the state since the mid-1800s—AGL is responsible for the delivery and storage of your natural gas, maintaining pipeline infrastructure and assisting with switching gas on and off at the meter of your home or business. In fact, AGL is the largest natural gas distribution company in the Southeast, serving about 1.6 million customers in Georgia. But AGL doesn’t sell natural gas. That’s left to natural gas providers like Gas South, who ensure you get a competitive price and great service. 
Along with maintaining the natural gas delivery system, AGL is also responsible for any safety issues that might come up. If you believe there’s an issue with your gas line or suspect a natural gas leak, you should call AGL (or 911) immediately. AGL gas leak reporting: 877-427-4321

What’s the role of Atlanta Gas Light in my natural gas service?

When setting up natural gas service with a third-party provider like Gas South, AGL will send a technician to your home or business to perform the physical turn-on of your gas service. At Gas South, we coordinate this for you after you’ve chosen a plan and even give you the option to choose a preferred turn-on date during sign-up, though this date is ultimately up to the availability of AGL technicians. Once your appointment is made, we’ll follow up with you to let you know about important details. 

On the date of your appointment, the AGL technician will need access to your natural gas meter and home or business—it’s required that they come in to perform a routine safety check. Someone 18 or older must be present during the appointment. 

After you’ve established service and begin receiving bills, you’ll likely notice that AGL requires you to pay a Pass-Through Charge each month. This charge has nothing to do with the price you pay for your natural gas, meaning it’s not money your provider is asking for. Although each provider is required to collect this on behalf of AGL, it goes directly to them to help cover the cost of maintaining natural gas infrastructure. At Gas South, we have a helpful blog that helps explain How to Read Your Natural Gas Bill, if you want to know more about this. 

Additionally, if you want natural gas service but don’t already have a meter or natural gas lines installed at your property or residence, you’ll have to contact AGL about your available options and next steps. Once you have everything installed, you can choose a natural gas provider who’ll help you get set up with service—see more about this in our blog, How Do I Get Natural Gas?

We hope this article helps answer any questions you might have had about Atlanta Gas Light and how they work with third-party providers like Gas South. As Georgia’s most-trusted provider, we strive to bring you great rates and plans, easy self-service options and top-rated customer care. And Atlanta Gas Light works tirelessly to ensure you receive natural gas safely, when you need it. If you believe there’s an issue with your gas line or suspect a natural gas leak, you should call AGL at 877-427-4321 (or 911) immediately.

If you still have questions, you can also call one of our friendly Customer Care representatives at 877-472-4932. 

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