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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm moving. How do I transfer my current service to my new address?
For residential transfers, log in to Online Account Services, fill out our transfer form or call 1-877-472-4932. Need to transfer service for a business? Call us at 1-866-549-7903.
Does Gas South offer service to residential and business customers?
Yes! Gas South serves residential and business natural gas customers in the Atlanta Gas Light service territory. Individual eligibility is based on credit screening and we don't charge deposits. You can learn more about our natural gas rates and plans or sign up for service online. We're also available by calling us at 1-877-332-5442 (for residential service) or 1-877-270-3790 (for business service). For business customers in Florida, you can get more information by calling our Florida Market Manager at 1-866-426-2491.
Why is my bill higher this month?
There are several possible reasons your bill may be higher than usual.
1) You used more natural gas this month (usage varies by season)
2) Atlanta Gas Light pass-through charges vary by month and tend to be higher in the winter months
3) If you’re on a variable rate, the rate changes monthly and fluctuations in the market could drive your bill up or down
4) If you recently changed from a fixed rate to a variable rate plan, that will affect your bill amount

Learn more about the charges on your bill.
What are your paperless billing options?
Gas South offers two paperless billing options.You can choose to receive your bill as a simple email attachment that you can open with one click. Or, you can receive your paperless bill through your financial institution's bill pay service.

To receive your paperless bills by email, visit Online Account Services and select "Paperless Billing" under the Billing Options tab.

To receive your bill through your financial institution, you'll need to contact your financial institution to see if they offer this and request it through them.
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