Your Natural Gas Rate Plan Options in Georgia Made Easy

In Georgia, you’ve got a choice when it comes to picking your natural gas company. And that means you’ve also got options for lots of different rate plans. If you’re new to the state, choosing a top natural gas company with the best plan for your lifestyle can feel a bit overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. Gas South is Georgia’s No. 1 choice for natural gas, in part, because we believe rate plans should be simple and transparent.

Understanding Your Natural Gas Rate Plan

Not sure what the differences are between each plan? Here's a quick overview of the key features of each plan:

  • Fixed Rate — a fixed-rate natural gas plan locks in the rate you pay per therm for the duration of your agreement. Your bill may go up or down depending on your natural gas usage, but the price you pay per unit of natural gas will remain the same. The length of your agreement is typically 6, 12 or 24 months

  • Variable Rate — a variable-rate natural gas plan has a rate per therm that tends to fluctuate month to month. There’s no contract with a Gas South variable-rate plan, which is sometimes a good option for short-term users (6 months or less), but your bill is less predictable with a rate that varies according to market conditions. 

  • OnePrice Plan® — with OnePrice Plan, you pay one, flat payment every month (plus taxes). No Hidden fees. No surprises. Get an estimate for your home instantly.
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Which natural gas rate plan is right for you?

A fixed-rate plan is a great option when you need service six months or longer. And unlike a variable-rate plan, your rate is locked in for the length of your agreement—an advantage when cold weather causes you to use more natural gas. With a fixed-rate plan, your bill varies only by the amount you use, not the price per therm.

A variable-rate plan doesn’t require a contract and can offer flexibility in the short term. But this type of plan also fluctuates monthly with the natural gas market, which is determined by the NYMEX. And that means you could end up paying more for your natural gas service than you would with a fixed-rate plan or Gas South’s OnePrice Plan.

Our OnePrice Plan gives you an even easier option: You pay the same amount every month with one, flat monthly payment. Your amount is tailored to fit your household’s needs—no surprises or hidden fees. And with no settlements or true-ups, you no longer have to play the thermostat game when temperatures outside get low.

With a Gas South fixed-rate or OnePrice Plan agreement, you’re only charged a cancellation fee if you cancel early while still in our service area—transferring your service is easy wherever we provide natural gas.

Plans with you in mind—and there’s never a deposit

No matter which Gas South plan you go with, there’s never a deposit. And with plans that range from 6, 12 and even 24 months, you’ve got lots of options to fit your needs—all from a company that goes beyond great rates and top-rated customer care to make a real difference.

At Gas South, our mission is to Be A Fuel For Good. We care about putting people first and making the world a better place, now and in the future. It’s why we’re committed to giving 5% of profits to support children in need, and it’s why we’re investing $60 million to solar projects by the end of 2023. When you choose Gas South, you’re part of that. You’re helping make a difference, and the difference is good.