Renewing Your Fixed Rate Natural Gas Plan

Renewing your fixed rate plan is simple. You’ll get a renewal notification sixty (60) days before your fixed rate plan expires. And then you’ll get a second renewal notification thirty (30) days before expiration that explains the new rate plans available to you. You can renew your rate plan online using your online account, by calling us at 877-472-4932 or by mailing the response card included in your thirty (30) day notification letter.

You only need to contact us if you wish to sign up for a new fixed-rate plan. If you don't contact us before the expiration date in your renewal letter, you'll automatically be moved to our variable-rate plan.

Changing Your Natural Gas Rate Plan

Variable-rate customers can lock in a fixed-rate plan anytime. And it’s simple. You can renew your rate plan using your online account or by calling us at 877-472-4932.

Fixed-rate customers will be notified when they're eligible to change/renew their plan without incurring an early contract cancellation fee. Not sure when your fixed-rate plan expires? Call us at 877-472-4932 and we'll be glad to verify your rate plan expiration.

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