Natural Gas Market Report

Each month, Gas South puts together a natural gas market report to help simplify the updates you need to know about what's happening in the natural gas industry for your business. These updates include NYMEX settlement prices, storage information and more.

May 2022

Market volatility continues, as May’s settlement represented more than a 35% increase over April’s expiration, and price conditions are the highest seen since September 2008.

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April 2022

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues to upend the natural gas market. Volatility remains high, but the U.S. has been shielded from global prices as it has more than enough supply to meet domestic demands.

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March 2022

Natural gas contracts for March expired at $4.568/Dth. With an outpouring of new developments, from global conflict to regulatory setbacks, time will tell how the fundamentals will be impacted in the near future.

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February 2022

Not since February 2003 has the NYMEX contract had such a delta between the high and low traded price on the day. The wild movement is attributed to a technical short squeeze, lingering cold temperatures at home and mounting geopolitical pressures abroad.

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January 2022

As we embark upon a new year and the winter demand season unfolds, milder temperatures indicate a more balanced outlook on the natural gas market.

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December 2021

December's trading pattern mirrors prior months, with a run-up at the height of the settlement trading activity and a collapse in sessions immediately after. Although the fundamentals have turned bearish, the market is still volatile, and the entirety of winter remains.

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November 2021

Prices were seasawing to extremes throughout October, and it's likely we’ll see the current market volatility continue. Some factors point to positive outcomes, while others won’t improve enough to make an impact.

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October 2021

NYMEX prices are at their highest levels since early 2014. As we move through October, the steady upward march in NYMEX natural gas prices is forecast to last throughout the heating season.

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