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Make your move easy.

24 Month Fixed Rate
per therm
  • Get $50 in bill credits (using code "MOVE")
  • No deposits needed to join today
  • Exclusive discounts for new customers
  • Schedule service up to 90 days in advance
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Moving can be stressful, but Gas South makes transferring or signing up for new natural gas service a breeze.
Getting ready to move.
First, you'll want to check to make sure your new location is within our service location by entering your service address. Once we've located your address, you can schedule to have your service turned on or switched over from another natural gas provider. You can schedule to have your service turned on at your new address up to 90 days in advance of your move. If you are switching from another gas provider in the area, we'll help handle cancellation fees or costly deposits—both of which can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings.
Saving you time and money.
If you’re looking for a different kind of natural gas company for your new home, your search is over. You can compare our fixed and variable rates or opt into one flat, monthly payment with our OnePrice Plan®. We’ve got an easy option to fit the needs of your home. You'll never pay a deposit to sign up, and you'll save with a $5 credit on your next 10 bills using promo MOVE.
Move in day.
Once you’ve enrolled, our Customer Care team will take care of the rest. To cut down on the other headaches often associated with moving, our home service connection partner Allconnect is your one-stop shop for helping set up internet, phone, and cable services at your new home. As an added bonus when you choose Allconnect through Gas South, you’ll also get exclusive discounts with Home Depot,, and Amazon. To make moving even easier, our partner Atlanta Peach Movers offers a special moving discount to Gas South costumer’s whether you’re a new or current customer.
New Gas South Customers
You'll get $5 in bill credits for the next 10 months.
When choosing your plan use promo code.
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Save some cash (and your back) with the largest moving service in the Southeast.
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