Getting More Than Affordable Natural Gas Rates

A couple of decades ago, Georgia residents only had one option when it came to purchasing natural gas: their local utility company. But that changed in 1998 when the state deregulated this important, clean-burning fuel, creating a competitive market that now gives everyone the option to choose a natural gas provider that best suits their needs. 

A great price is often the first consideration when shopping for a natural gas provider. But some companies offer appealing benefits and options in addition to affordable rates. Below, we’ll run through some of the factors to consider when comparing natural gas providers in Georgia. 

Comparing Natural Gas Companies in Georgia

At Gas South, we pride ourselves on putting people first—it’s what it means to Be A Fuel For Good. So, whether it’s looking out for customers, the community or our employees, we’re always striving to make a difference. When you compare Gas South to other providers, consider the following points: 

  1. Am I paying a competitive price for my natural gas? 
    The natural gas market can be unpredictable, and that affects the price you pay. But with the experience of our in-house gas trading team, Gas South is always poised to offer the most-affordable rates available—to all customers, all the time.  

  2. Am I seeing a plan that fits the needs of my home or business? 
    Along with price, you want a plan that works for you. Many companies in Georgia offer only two basic options: fixed rate and variable rate. But you’ve got more plan choices with Gas South. 

    Our fixed rate plans let you lock in an affordable rate for the length of your agreement, even when the market is forcing rates up. Or if you’re looking for short-term service with no contracts, we offer variable-rate plans that give you the flexibility to choose a new plan at any time. And our OnePrice Plan®, which more and more customers are choosing, let’s you pay the same flat, monthly price, no matter the season—simplifying your bill for more peace of mind. We even offer discounted plans for seniors or for those in the military. And for businesses, we’re able to build custom plans, tailored to your gas service needs. 

  3. How important is customer service to me? 
    If you’re like most of us, great plans and rates aren’t enough. You want and deserve excellent service too. When comparing natural gas providers, be sure to look at their Google ratings. If they’re not posted or have been taken down, that’s worth considering.  

    At Gas South, we’re proud to be Georgia’s highest-rated provider (with more than 1,000 Google reviews), and we know a big part of that is due to our Customer Care team. In addition to great plans and affordable rates, our Customer Care representatives are always friendly and helpful, assisting you with any questions you might have and helping you choose just the right plan—over the phone, through email or by chat. For our commercial customers, we even have dedicated account managers who get to know you and the needs of your business. 

  4. What other convenient services are offered? 
    Let’s face it. Life keeps all of us busy, so it’s worth checking out the different options a prospective natural gas company offers to make your life simpler. Gas South believes your energy management should be easy. That’s why all our customers get free online access to their accounts, making their natural gas simple to manage 24-7. With your online account, you can view and pay bills, renew your plan, check monthly usage, set alerts, sign up for Auto-Pay (so you never have to worry about missing a payment), select paperless billing (so you can ditch those stamps and envelopes) and more. You can even download our easy and secure mobile app that gives you full functionality to manage your account from anywhere, anytime. 

  5. Are there any perks? 
    On top of all the other consideration we’ve listed, you probably wouldn’t mind some extra ways to save here and there. Be sure to check for any discounts or special offers that come with your natural gas service. At Gas South, we never charge a deposit when you sign up, and we also offer special savings like bill credits, discounts for seniors and military members, our Refer A Friend program, as well as discounts through our partners, on Atlanta Braves’ tickets and more.

  6. Do they give back to the community? 
    It always feels good to be part of a company that gives back. And here at Gas South, we know we have a responsibility to the communities we serve. As part of that and our commitment to Be A Fuel For Good, we give 5% or profits to support children in need each year—that’s millions of dollars in aid since 2006 to childhood education, basic needs and illness and disability. On top of that, we also offer each employee eight hours of paid time off each year to volunteer in these efforts.

    We’re doing our part to create a more sustainable planet too. With a commitment to invest $60 million to solar projects by the end of 2023, we believe we can make the world better for future generations.

    And that’s not all. We’re also proud to be the naming rights partner of Gas South District, a premier entertainment destination located in Duluth that brings some of the world’s top shows, performances and conferences to the state. It’s just one more way we’re able to give back to the community. 

    When you choose Gas South, you’re making a choice to be part of something bigger. You’re making a difference. And the difference is good. 

Affordable rates, a variety of plan options, excellent customer care, convenient services, perks and community involvement are all important factors that can make a difference. Choose Gas South—the difference is good. 

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