Building a Better Tomorrow

At Gas South, we believe in doing our part, and that means in all we do, we strive to Be A Fuel For Good. Beyond our philanthropic efforts for our communities, we want to help build a better tomorrow for the planet too, which is why we’re prioritizing initiatives and investments in solar energy.

To date, we’ve invested over $60 million in solar energy projects as part of a business initiative that started in 2021 and focused on existing and future renewable energy projects. This initiative was designed to contribute millions of dollars annually, and we plan to have invested about $63 million by the end of 2024 to help create a sustainable future.

Cobb EMC Solar Partnership, Project Solarbe

In collaboration with our parent company Cobb EMC, our first solar initiative Project began with the development of a utility-level farm, a 6,000 square-foot project that includes rooftop solar panels producing 1.85 MW of solar energy and battery storage producing 1 MW/4 MWh or solar energy. The project also features a solar garden with three 18-foot tall Smartflowers, which produces 13,400 kWh of solar energy. In total, the solar energy from this project can power 200 homes. This initiative enables Gas South and Cobb EMC to supply renewable energy to the power grid, as well as study and explore how we can support large customers with solar power.

Continuing to Identify Impactful Solar Initiatives

To continue our efforts, Gas South is identifying and considering investment opportunities for renewable energy projects. In 2020, we began working with national energy firm Sol Systems, a leading national solar energy platform that delivers comprehensive procurement and investment solutions for businesses and municipalities to achieve sustainability goals and community impact. Gas South kicked off the partnership with a $12 million investment in eight residential community solar projects providing energy to more than 2,600 homes.

Gas South is committed to making ongoing investments and conducting research in renewable energy to strive for a more sustainable future. 

Solutions for your sustainability needs

As part of our purpose to Be A Fuel For Good, we're proud to invest in cleaner energy solutions and offer green products to help businesses meet their sustainability goals.

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