Solutions for your sustainability needs

At Gas South, our purpose is to Be A Fuel For Good, which guides our commitment to helping preserve the future of the planet.

Over the last decade, an increase in the use and efficiency of natural gas has brought carbon dioxide emissions to their lowest levels in 27 years. As the leading retail natural gas provider in the Southeast, Gas South is elevating our industry through research, investments and partnerships that help further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

That’s why when you team up with us, you get more than just easy natural gas management. You get simple solutions, reliable products and custom pricing that support your business’s sustainability goals.

Our team of energy experts and green products help you:

  • Meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) needs
  • Demonstrate leadership in your industry
  • Meet industry compliance requirements
  • Create long-term sustainability value
  • Build a more sustainable world for future generations
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Green products and services

We offer several easy solutions to help your business quickly cut its carbon footprint, meet regulatory requirements and contribute to building a low-carbon economy.

Carbon offset credits

Carbon offsets are a streamlined way to make your business carbon neutral. Credits are generated by projects that reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, and each credit represents one ton of CO2e counteracted. Gas South can purchase credits in your name, which are then retired and can’t be claimed by any other company. Plus, early investors pay lower prices, and your carbon credits will never expire.

This product is available at a minimum volume of 200 dth/day.

Renewable natural gas credits

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is another way you can reduce your carbon footprint. RNG is a clean, reliable fuel produced from the gasses of organic wasteessentially recycling greenhouse gassesIt’s fully interchangeable with conventional natural gas. It looks the same, uses the same pipelines, and can be used for heat, electricity and fueling vehicles while reducing emissions by 95%. By choosing RNG as part of your natural gas agreement, you can avoid greenhouse gas emissions and enjoy the benefits of cleaner energy solutions.

This product is available with a 5-year commitment at a minimum volume of 500 dth/day.

Certified Natural Gas

Certified Natural Gas refers to natural gas that meets the highest standards and practices to minimize the product’s environmental footprint. It uses third-party certification to verify that production takes extra steps to mitigate methane emissions and minimize other environmental and community impacts.

Certified Natural Gas can be purchased in tandem with your natural gas supply with no minimum volume requirement.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

RECS are used to track ownership of electricity generated by renewable sources, such as wind or solar. They’re issues when one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity is generated and delivered to the gris from a renewable energy source. Gas South can facilitate the purchase of Green-e certified RECs, which meet the most stringent environmental and consumer protection standards in North America.

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Leading the way for CNG in the Southeast

Gas South is proud to encourage the use of CNG by helping to supply and develop CNG stations across our service areaCompressed natural gas (CNG) is a low-cost, eco-friendly alternative fuel used in a range of vehicles. It produces up to 90% fewer emissions than gasolineand it emits up to 29% less CO2 than diesel and gasoline.

Our experts can help you decide if CNG is right for you. Learn more.

Our commitment to solar

Gas South is committed to investing in renewable energy for a more sustainable future.

Our first solar initiative began with Project Solarbe, a 6,000-square-foot utility-level farm that produces enough electricity to power 200 homes. Since then, we’ve engaged national energy firm Sol Systems to invest $12 million in community solar projects that provide energy to more than 2,600 homes.

To date, we’ve invested $60 million in solar energy projects, with a commitment to invest at least another $3 million by the end of 2024.

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Supporting sustainability in our communities

In addition to our green products, services and investments, Gas South actively promotes and advocates for the use of alternative energy and green solutions. We’re proud members of non-profit organizations such as the RNG Coalitionwhich is dedicated to advancing RNG use, and Clean Cities Georgiawhich focuses on reducing and replacing the use of petroleum gas.

Service Areas

We’re proud to offer sustainability solutions for businesses across the United States and Canada. For more on our full range of natural gas services, select a state below.

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