Compressed Natural Gas

The future points to less reliance on petroleum and more on compressed natural gas (CNG) as a cost-effective, clean transportation fuel — and Gas South is leading the way in the southeast. We strongly support development of CNG refueling stations and market opportunities throughout Florida and our home state, Georgia, where we already supply more CNG vehicles than our competitors.

Switching to CNG can:

  • Cut Costs - CNG costs about 50% less than gasoline or diesel
  • Reduce Emissions - CNG emits up to 90% fewer emissions than gasoline
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gases - CNG emits 20-29% less CO2 than diesel and gasoline
  • Provide Access to an Abundant Domestic Energy Supply - 98% produced in North America

Gas South can help you decide if CNG is right for you by offering:

  • Offer specialized rates for fuel savings
  • Provide financial modeling analysis of projected CNG fuel spend
  • Connect companies with preferred CNG developers
  • Connect bio gas suppliers to our customers who utilize CNG vehicles


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Solutions for your sustainability needs

As part of our purpose to "Be A Fuel For Good," we're proud to invest in cleaner energy solutions and offer green products to help businesses meet their sustainability goals.

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