Clean Choice Program

In addition to flexRNG, Gas South offers the following products to support your sustainability goals.

Verified Carbon Offset Credits

Carbon offsets are a streamlined way to make your business carbon neutral. Credits are generated by projects that reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, and each credit represents one ton of CO2e counteracted. Gas South can purchase credits in your name, which are then retired and can’t be claimed by any other company. Early investors will likely pay lower prices, and your carbon credits will never expire.

This product is available at a minimum volume of 200 dth/day.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Credits

RNG is a clean, reliable fuel produced from the gasses of organic waste—essentially recycling greenhouse gasses. It’s fully interchangeable with conventional natural gas. It looks the same, uses the same pipelines, and can be used for heat, electricity and fueling vehicles while reducing emissions by 95%. 

This product is available with a 5-year commitment at a minimum volume of 500 dth/day.

Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG)

Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG) refers to natural gas that meets the highest standards and practices to minimize the product’s environmental footprint. It uses third-party certification to verify that production takes extra steps to mitigate methane emissions and minimize other environmental and community impacts.

RSG can be purchased in tandem with your natural gas supply with no minimum volume requirement.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

RECS are used to track ownership of electricity generated by renewable sources, such as wind or solar. They’re issues when one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity is generated and delivered to the gris from a renewable energy source. Gas South can facilitate the purchase of Green-e certified RECs, which meet the most stringent environmental and consumer protection standards in North America.


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Why flexRNG?

Commit to and Reach Net Zero

FlexRNG is more than a Gas South product—it’s a plan that helps you set and reach your emissions targets. Our simple transaction process makes it easy to announce your net zero commitment, implement effective solutions and see real results. 

Align With Partners, Regulators and Consumers

More than ever, investors and consumers are choosing companies that take responsibility for their climate impact and have stated emissions reduction goals. With flexRNG, you can show that you share their values and are focused on the future.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Sustainability initiatives are proven to reduce operational risks, generate growth, improve efficiency and boost ROI. Investing in renewable energy solutions now allows you to set up your business for lasting success.

Avoid Opportunity Costs

The renewables market is rising, and demand for environmental attributes will soon outpace supply. FlexRNG allows you to act now with a fixed price and multi-year commitment, keeping your costs down and your business ahead of competitors.


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