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Each year on April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day as a time to pay homage to the natural beauty and importance of our planet.  

And with good reason.  

From the toxins in our air and water to the widespread loss and destruction of natural resources and habitat, there are a number of pressing concerns affecting the health of Mother Nature—and, ultimately, the future of our own species. And that’s why so many are working to promote change.  

Just look at the popularity of Earth Day itself. What started in 1970 as a relatively small environmental effort on college campuses in the U.S. has today become one of the most-celebrated yearly occasions in almost 200 countries. Every day, the realization that each of us can make a difference in some way continues to grow. 

At Gas South, we feel a responsibility as an energy company to do our part. Natural gas continues to play an important role as a clean, efficient and affordable energy source for much of the world—and one that serves as a sensible bridge fuel to cleaner energy. But as a company that strives to Be A Fuel For Good, we’re taking steps beyond just providing great natural gas rates and services to the average consumer. 

In addition to the 5% of profits we give back to help support children in need each year—money that helps with basic needs, education and health so kids can go on to lead successful lives—we’re investing in a sustainable future. 

In early 2021, Gas South had already given $23 million to support sustainability through past solar projects. And then we began a new push, launching an exciting business initiative that empowered us to commit to investing a total of $60 million in solar projects by the end of 2023. 

Happy Earth Day from all of us here at Gas South, Georgia’s most-trusted natural gas company and proud supporter of the communities we serve and the planet we all call home.