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GasSouth OnePrice PlanGasSouth OnePrice Plan
Choose ease and simplicity on your natural gas bill with OnePrice Plan®.
  • Pay the same amount every month (plus tax) with a flat rate gas bill.
  • Save with no deposit, no hidden fees, true-ups or settlements. No surprises, just a simple guaranteed bill plan.
  • Get peace of mind when you lock in your monthly price for 12 months.

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Based on your service address.*
*The estimate is valid only for the specified address at the time of request and is subject to a credit check. Taxes not included.
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What's OnePrice Plan?

With OnePrice Plan, you pay one flat all-inclusive payment every month (plus taxes), making it easy to set it and forget it. Your flat rate gas bill amount is tailored to fit your household’s needs. And with no settlements or true-ups, you no longer have to play the thermostat game, knowing you’ll pay the same amount every month. No surprises, just a guaranteed natural gas bill.
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The Benefits of OnePrice Plan

One flat, monthly payment (plus tax)
Designed with you in mind
No hidden fees
No deposit

Comparing OnePrice Plan to a Fixed or Variable Rate

What's the difference between OnePrice Plan and a Fixed Rate Plan?

On a fixed-rate plan, your rate per them doesn’t fluctuate, but your bill will vary depending on your household’s monthly gas usage. With OnePrice Plan, you don’t have to play the guessing game. You pay the same amount all year long, guaranteed.

What's the difference between OnePrice Plan and a Variable Rate Plan?

On a variable-rate plan, your rate per therm fluctuates, making your bill unpredictable. With OnePrice Plan, you can avoid unpredictable natural gas bills and gain peace of mind knowing you’ll pay the same amount all year long.

How's my monthly OnePrice Plan amount calculated?

Your monthly estimate is based on the size of your home and how much gas a household that size uses every year. Not sure what that amount is? Our therm usage calculator on the Rates and Plans page can offer you a general idea. After we determine your usage, we take that yearly total, combine it with all fees and then divide it by 12 (months) to get your monthly price (excluding taxes). We also perform a soft credit check at sign-up to help determine your final monthly price

Eligibility for the OnePrice Plan and the actual OnePrice Plan amount are subject to a credit approval process. The estimate is valid only for the specified address at the time of request and is subject to change.
* Estimate does not include taxes.
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