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When it comes to the success of a business, none can overlook the importance of sales professionals. They’re key to generating profit, establishing meaningful relationships with customers and providing key market insights. This is especially true at Gas South, and we’re proud of the hard work and commitment each of our sales representatives puts in each day. This week in recognition of National Salesperson Day, we caught up with our own veteran deal closer Nathan H., a commercial acquisition specialist and team lead we’re all happy to have here making a difference. 

Photo of Nathan H.

Hi, Nathan. How long have you been at Gas South? 

January will be three years.   

I know you came over when Gas South acquired Infinite Energy? How long were you there?   

I was with Infinite Energy for two years before coming over to Gas South. 

Did you start out in sales at Infinite?

I Did. I have always been on the commercial sales team.   

What about before that? Was natural gas your first adventure into sales? 

No. I’ve had some type of sales role since I was about 15, but the majority of my sales experience has been in the automotive and technology industries. Prior to coming on board with Infinite, I was the director of finance at a car dealership.

How’s your experience been working here the past few years? What’s the best part? And what about Sales, specifically?

My experience here has been extremely positive. Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive. I feel the merging of cultures between Infinite and Gas South have complimented each other well. Having experienced different sales environments, the support and tools I’ve received from peers and leadership to help me be more successful in my role far exceeds what I experienced in the past. So I’d say the best part is working with our team.

In regard to sales specifically, it’s always fun to close a sale, but the best part is the opportunity to build new relationships with people. You’re dealing with different personalities and needs, so every day is a different challenge.  It’s rewarding when you’re able to show someone how what we do can positively impact them.

What’s the most challenging part about your job? And how do you overcome that?

Being consistent is one of the most challenging parts. I’m on an outbound sales team, so it’s up to me to reach out and create new opportunities for myself, and that can be a grind. In some instances, a sale you’ve been working on may not come to fruition for months or even years. Staying focused, organized and understanding that the work I put in today, while I may not see it immediately, has a direct impact on my future success.  

What do you do in your off hours? What’s fun? Family? Friends? Pets? Do you have any hobbies or other interests you can share?

The majority of my off hours are dedicated to my family.  I have an amazing wife and 6-year-old son.  We have a dog and a saltwater aquarium.  If I do get some time outside of that, I’m into pretty much anything car related, and I have an older car I like to work on when I get the chance.

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