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National Salesperson Day Spotlight: Gas South’s Samantha R.


This year, December 9 recognizes the hard work and commitment of sales professionals in the U.S. with National Salesperson Day. In honor of the occasion, we took a few moments to catch up with one of our own highly regarded sales team members, Samantha R. Here’s more from Samantha! 

Hi, Samantha. I know you came over from Infinite Energy when Gas South acquired them in 2020. How long were you there at Infinite? How long have you been at Gas South?  

I started at Infinite in September of 2014 and transitioned to Gas South in January of 2021. 

What got you into sales to begin with—was the natural gas industry your first foray into the field, or had you done sales before that?  

I got my first sales job when I was 16 and have been in sales pretty much ever since with the exception of a few service industry jobs. Before I got into natural gas, I sold everything from children’s books, makeup and cellphones to obsolete and hard-to-find electronic components to manufacturers and the military.  

What’s the best part about working in Sales? And what’s the best part about working at Gas South? 

My favorite thing about working in sales is the ability to write your own paycheck and working with and talking to new people all the time. Every day is a new adventure, and it doesn’t get boring! I love the culture at Gas South and the ability to work with and build relationships with so many different departments outside of my own.  

What’s the most challenging aspect about sales?  

Being in sales is a constant grind that you’re starting over at the beginning of every month. If you’re not organized and detail oriented, it can be overwhelming. But having done this for so long, I’ve found a pretty good groove.  

When you’re not selling natural gas, what do you do for fun? 

I love makeup, traveling as much as possible, going to concerts, cooking and working out. And I have two very spoiled German Shepherds that take up a lot of my free time as well.  

We’re so thankful for the outstanding effort Samantha and the other members of the sales team put in each day here at Gas South. Happy National Salesperson Day to all of you—and to each dedicated sales professional everywhere. 




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