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Gas South Partner Spotlight: Junior Achievement


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In this month’s Fuel For Good Ally feature, we’re spotlighting our charitable partner Junior Achievement (JA), one of the nation’s largest groups working to give children the skills and knowledge they need to live successful lives through work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

At Gas South, our purpose is to Be A Fuel For Good®. And we accomplish part of that each year by giving back 5% of profits to help support children in need in the communities we serve. Last year, JA was one of 10 non-profits to share $3.7 million from Gas South in our efforts to make a difference, and we’re proud to help them with the support they deserve.

“Gas South’s purpose to Be A Fuel For Good perfectly aligns with Junior Achievement’s mission and programs that allow children to have opportunities to reach their full potential,” said Joey B., Gas South’s Director of Middle Office and long-time volunteer and board member with JA.

“JA’s programs reach every level of students in our schools,” Joey said. “These programs educate students around life skills, finances, career readiness and business ownership. They also promote competencies such as collaboration, critical and analytical thinking, culture agility, communication, innovation and self-direction.”

Founded in 1919, JA serves more than 4.4 million students each year in almost 180,000 classrooms and after-school locations in the U.S. Their programs are taught by more than 150,000 volunteers in every state, whether serving inner cities, suburbs or rural areas.  

And JA’s efforts have paid off for millions of students over the years. They’re one of the few non-profit organizations that use independent evaluators to measure the impact its programs are making, and the results are positive.  

In a 2022 survey, evaluators determined that JA’s programs motivated 91% of participating students to work harder at education. Eighty four percent of students said JA was a critical factor in helping them decide to pursue higher education, and 82% said these programs gave them a strong financial footing later in life. 

“It’s our responsibility to make sure education continues to be a priority and has a positive impact in our communities,” Joey said. “It is great to know students are being prepared and equipped for the challenges of post high school and not solely for a diploma. I want students to find their passions and have a future they’re excited for.”  

Thanks for reading about our charitable partner Junior Achievement. Stay tuned to our blog and social media as we continue to highlight our Fuel For Good Allies and strive to make a difference.

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