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On December 18th, 2020 Gas South announced the closing of its acquisition deal of Infinite Energy. The acquisition will expand Gas South’s customer base to over 425,000 residential, commercial, industrial and wholesale customers throughout the southeastern U.S. 

Gas South acquired Infinite Energy’s wholesale and retail natural gas business and customer list, located primarily in Georgia and Florida. The primary headquarters will remain in Atlanta, but the company expects to retain a presence in Gainesville, Fl., where Infinite was founded in 1994 by co-CEOs Darin Cook and Rich Blaser. 

Gas South and Infinite share strong values such as keeping customers first and valuing a culture of excellence throughout the company. Together, the companies are unified as leaders, collaborators, innovators, teammates, friends and family.  

“We knew from our first meeting with Darin and Rich that Infinite Energy would be an outstanding fit for Gas South, thanks to the quality of services they provide and the enviable culture they’ve created,” said Kevin Greiner, Gas South’s President and CEO.  

This acquisition is  an exciting adventure for the Gas South family to join with Infinite Energy to become the largest natural gas provider in the Southeast. Together, the two companies will become one Gas South achieving more with their shared people first cultures and complementary business competencies. 

For access to the full press release please click here