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Community Partner Spotlight: United Way of Greater Atlanta


This series highlights each of the priority nonprofit partners we’re supporting throughout these difficult times. We previously highlighted the Atlanta Community Food Bank and the Heating Energy Assistance Team Inc. (HEAT), and the YMCA of Metro Atlanta. Now, let’s look at the United Way of Greater Atlanta, a nonprofit focused on creating a community where “all the children are well.”

Given the dire circumstances in our communities due to the economic fallout caused by COVID-19, we’ve committed over $1 million to support people who are directly impacted by the pandemic. This philanthropic commitment includes a $250,000 donation to United Way – triple our commitment from 2019 and our single largest contribution to any organization.

We have partnered with United Way since 2008, as we are aligned with their belief that a thriving community is only possible if the children are thriving. With a focus on creating a community where “all the children are well,” United Way hopes to give every child the opportunity to reach their potential and ensure that we are building a strong future for Greater Atlanta.

For children in our metro Atlanta community, COVID-19 brought several challenges, including an increasing digital divide and education gap between students. In conjunction with United Way partners, PowerMyLearning and the Atlanta Public School Foundation, our donation will help lessen the gap between students and provide those in need with computers and resources necessary to excel in school.

To combat the economic and social disparities caused by COVID-19, United Way partnered with the Community Foundation to form the COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund. $150,000 went to this initiative, with another $50,000 directly supporting impacted Florida communities and the remaining $50,000 granted to the National Restaurant Relief Fund, helping provide aid for affected restaurant workers.

For more information about United Way of Greater Atlanta and opportunities to give back, please visit their website.

For more information about United Way of Greater Atlanta, click here

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