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Gas South is proud to partner with Sunshine on a Ranney Day to give Alejandro a brand new, accessible bedroom and bathroom so that he can have some independence and mobility, as well as give his family some peace of mind.

Alejandro and his family pose together for Sunshine on a Ranney Day

In Gas South’s efforts to “Be a Fuel for Good” and to make a significant and distinct difference for several non-profits, Impact Investments of $50,000 were awarded to six organizations. Non-profit organizations were invited to apply for the funding, and a team of Gas South employees helped narrow down the entries. In 2019, Gas South awarded Sunshine on a Ranney Day with one of the Impact Investments. Sunshine on a Ranney Day renovates homes for children with special needs, and through this year’s investment, Gas South was able to support 16-year-old Alejandro and his family. Alejandro was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was just six years old. He is in a wheelchair and needed a new accessible bedroom and bathroom.  

From the makeover, Alejandro and his brother are no longer sharing a bed. Alejandro can now reach his own clothing in his closet, roll under an accessible vanity, reach the faucet and brush his own teeth and easily maneuver his wheelchair around his room thanks to the new hard surface flooring. Most importantly, Alejandro, can now shower independently! 

Due to limitations surrounding COVID-19 and wanting to keep Alejandro and his family safe, the Sunshine team decided for the reveal to happen over Facebook Live. To watch the reveal and reaction of Alejandro and his family, please visit Sunshine on a Ranney Day’s Facebook page