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Each year, Gas South gives back 5% or profits to help support children in need—that’s more than $12 million since 2006 to help youth in the communities we serve go on to lead successful lives. Part of that funding is dispersed through what we call our Impact Investment Awards, where nonprofits that focus on childhood basic needs, education or health are invited to apply for funding.

In the past, we determined winners by a vote from our dedicated employees. This year, we’re also opening up the vote to you, our valued customers.

Below, you’ll see quick summaries of this year’s six finalists—who they are and what they want funding for—along with links to their websites in case you want to know more about these great groups. Below that, you’ll see a button that takes you to a form where you can vote on up to two of your favorite nonprofits. The two with the most votes overall will receive Gas South funding this year—voting ends Friday, June 30.

Thanks for being part of Gas South, Georgia’s most-trusted natural gas provider. And thanks for helping make a difference.

  1. St. Vincent de Paul Georgia—Basic Needs Category
    St. Vincent de Paul Georgia serves individuals, families and communities throughout Georgia with an aim to create stability for those in crisis and helping to create pathways to self-sufficiency. The organization hopes to use any funding awarded to help pay for its Motel To Home Program that helps families with children transition to stable, permanent housing.

  2. Food4Kids—Basic Needs Category
    Food4Kids is located in Gainesville, Florida, where Gas South has an office, and seeks to identify chronically hungry children in the community and provide them with food and other resources on a continued basis. The organization is asking for funds to help expand the Food4Kids Backpack Program, which helps ensure school children have meals throughout each day.

  3. Nana Grants—Education Category
    Nana Grants cover 100% of the cost of childcare up until graduation for low-income mothers in college or in Georgia job training programs. Nana Grants seeks to use Gas South funding to increase the number of grants available to such women in Georgia—there are currently 164 mothers on the waiting list.

  4. Notes for Notes—Education Category
    Notes for Notes provides youth with free access to musical instruments, instruction and recording studio environments so that music can become a profoundly positive influence in their lives. This organization plans to use Gas South funding toward programming costs, purchasing a portable studio and hiring a digital education manager and producer to work with at-risk youth in Georgia

  5. Best Buddies of Georgia—Health Category
    Best Buddies of Georgia is dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Best Buddies hopes to use Gas South funding to expand their School Friendships programs throughout Atlanta.

  6. Sunshine on a Ranney Day—Health Category
    Sunshine on a Ranney Day renovates homes for children with special needs, specializing in wheelchair accessible bathrooms, dream bedrooms and in-home therapy rooms—at no cost to the family. The organization is seeking Gas South funds to add two Georgia families to its roster of special needs renovations this year.