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a view of earth from outer space

As the world’s population grows, it’s only natural that energy use would too. But resources for making energy are limited. It’s lucky there are those on the lookout for alternative energy sources, even if some methods seem a bit far out.

For fun, let’s take a gander at some of the weirder options scientists are checking in to:

Solar Wind: Scientists say there’s enough energy flowing in streams of particles from our sun to meet all of our energy needs for as long as the sun burns. To harvest it, we’d have to build a solar sail in space thousands of miles wide. A satellite, in true science fiction style, would then laser beam the energy down to Earth. So what’s the hold up? We don’t know how to make a laser beam that can handle the job. But we’re working on it.

Good Vibrations: A diligent search for energy alternatives means not overlooking the small stuff. And that’s why some researchers put a lot of effort into technology that can glean energy from such things as vibrations. Examples include floor tiles that make electricity from shuffling feet and cell phones that charge themselves on soundwaves. Scientists have even made fiber that makes electricity when it’s twisted and bent. Think what that means for yoga pants! These methods might not ever power a city, but every little bit makes a difference in becoming more sustainable.

Green Slime: Algae—you know, the green stuff that builds up in your pool—is a serious contender as a world energy source. Scientists are working with algae to develop cleaner and greener biofuels that could one day heat homes and power planes and cars. Algae is easy to produce, and it’s 100 percent natural. The oil it makes is relatively easy to turn into fuel, too.

At Gas South, we embrace innovation. We know it can change the world for the better and maybe put us in a place where our energy sources truly are boundless.