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We look forward to serving you through our acquisition of Infinite Energy! 

While there’s nothing you need to do immediately, there are a few things we want to make you aware of to ensure a smooth transition of your natural gas service to Gas South. We’ve also provided some additional Frequently Asked Questions below for your convenience.  

  • You’ll receive your first bill from Gas South in May 2021. Once we confirm you have switched to Gas South, you'll get a communication that includes your new new account number. At that time, you’ll be able to set up your online account and select your payment preference. In the meantime, you can easily access and download our W-9 form so Gas South can be added as a vendor in your systems.  
  • There’s a chance you’ll receive your final Infinite Energy Bill and your first Gas South bill less than a month apart. Please make sure to remit your final Infinite Energy bill payment to Infinite Energy. Gas South will pick up billing right where Infinite Energy stops. Rest assured, you won’t be double-billed for usage.  

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Transition

Who is Gas South? 

Gas South is a leading provider of natural gas in competitive markets throughout the southeastern U.S. We currently serve more than 300,000 residential, business, and governmental customers in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Gas South offers simple and competitive rate plans, outstanding customer service, and a promise to give back 5% of profits to support children in need. 

Can you provide more detail about the transition? 

On December 18, 2020, Gas South announced the closing of its acquisition of Infinite Energy. Gas South expects the acquisition to more than double its annual revenue to nearly $1 billion and to expand its customer base to over 425,000 residential, commercial, industrial, and wholesale customers throughout the southeastern U.S. Under the terms of the acquisition, Gas South acquired Infinite Energy’s wholesale and retail natural gas business and customer list, located primarily in Georgia and Florida. Gas South’s headquarters will remain in Atlanta, but the company expects to retain a presence in Gainesville, Fla., where Infinite was founded in 1994.

My Account

Will I automatically become a Gas South customer? 

Yes. All Infinite Energy customers will automatically have their natural gas service transferred to Gas South during the May 2021 production month. You won’t experience an interruption in your natural gas service. 

What will transfer from my Infinite Energy account? 

Your rate plan, customer service fee, delivery charges, and any contact information you have on file will automatically transfer to Gas South. However, your payment information will not. 

My company had a deposit with Infinite Energy - is it now with Gas South? 

Yes. Your deposit with Infinite Energy will transfer to Gas South. 

When will Gas South begin serving Infinite Energy customers? 

Gas South will begin providing your natural gas, billing, and customer service effective during the May 2021 production month. 

Will my Infinite Energy natural gas rate be honored by Gas South? 

Yes. Your Infinite Energy natural gas contract is transferable and will be honored by Gas South without any changes. 

Will my account number stay the same? 

No. You’ll be issued a new Gas South account number, which we'll send you in a future communication. You can also find it on your first Gas South bill.

Billing and Payments

What if I receive a bill from Infinite Energy? 

Infinite Energy will send you a final bill for their services. Please pay any outstanding Infinite Energy balances directly to Infinite Energy. Gas South will pick up billing right where Infinite Energy stops. Rest assured, you won’t be double-billed for usage.  

When will I receive my first Gas South bill? 

Gas South bills consumption as we receive the reads from the LDCs, which means you’ll receive your first bill shortly after your meter read. You may receive your first Gas South bill and your final Infinite Energy bill less than a month apart. You can verify there is no overlap by checking the meter read dates. Both bills are valid and should be paid. 

Will my Infinite Energy payment information transfer to Gas South? 

No. Because of the way billing data is encrypted for your protection, your payment information cannot be transferred from Infinite Energy to Gas South. 

How should I pay my Gas South bills? 

Gas South offers several convenient ways to pay. Visit for more information. We accept checking, savings, debit and credit card payments. 

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