How does natural gas service work in Virginia?

Virginia consumed 708 Bcf of natural gas in 2020. Most of its energy use comes from the transportation sector, which includes several major interstate highways, railways, seaport and two airports near the nation’s capital. This connectivity is essential for its industrial sector—especially its manufacture of food, beverage and tobacco products.

Natural gas is distributed throughout the commonwealth by four interstate pipelines and eight investor-owned utilities, which are regulated by the State Corporation Commission (SCC). Most consumers receive natural gas from local utilities, also called local distribution companies, or LDCs. These companies operate the systems that deliver natural gas to consumers, and they are responsible for maintaining gas lines and responding to gas-related emergencies.

In 2007, the General Assembly passed legislation that allowed retail customers natural gas choice for consumers in Columbia Gas and Washington Gas Light service areas. This gives industrial and municipal customers the opportunity to partner with natural gas marketers, who can offer more rate options and a superior customer experience.

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What can Gas South offer business customers?

At Gas South, we’re a different kind of natural gas provider. The kind that businesses can trust to put them first and always do what’s right.

Every year, we sell more than 300 Bcf of natural gas to customers across 14 states, supplying the commercial, industrial and municipal markets. We offer a full range of services to support your needs, from small businesses to wholesale suppliers. Our team has the experience, credibility and capability that genuinely make a difference. And the difference is good.

Here are just a few other reasons businesses choose to partner with Gas South:

We are privately owned.

Our corporate structure gives us the flexibility and responsiveness that leads to better service.

We have strong financial standing.

Gas South is part of a billion-dollar entity with our parent company, Cobb EMC, and we have a $250 million line of credit.

We employ in-house legal and regulatory personnel.

We have a dedicated team that advocates for our customers to local distribution companies and supports industries within your public service commission.

Natural Gas Supply

Natural gas helps fuel businesses, cities and industrial facilities. We supply natural gas to more than 53,000 commercial accounts and more than 400 industrial customers across the nation on 28 pipelines and hubs, including the Marlin Gas Services virtual pipeline. We’re proud to offer customized rate structures and a dedicated team of account managers to service your facility’s natural gas needs.

We provide:

  • Fixed rates
  • NYMEX rates
  • Index rates - Customized hedging services
  • Virtual pipeline service
  • Tiered pricing
  • Firm supply


In addition to managing your natural gas supply, Gas South offers products and services that support your business’s sustainability efforts. We can provide resources and tools to meet your sustainability goals, including:

  • Reducing your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Moving toward carbon-neutral operations
  • Supporting the production of cleaner fuel
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Asset Management

Your industrial enterprise may have a natural gas asset portfolio that includes transportation, storage rights, supply inventory, delivery arrangements, pipeline capacity and more. Gas South can manage your holdings through an asset management agreement (AMA), a multi-faceted partnership that provides more value for your business.

At Gas South, our team has a deep well of knowledge that makes us reliable and reputable partners to manage your asset portfolio. With more than 100 years of combined energy experience, our experts are ready to support your needs. An AMA with Gas South can:

  • Maximize the value of your assets
  • Generate revenue
  • Lower gas supply costs
  • Optimize pipeline capacity
  • Take advantage of flexible contracting
  • Benefit from our creative structure

Wholesale Trading

Even among the world’s changing energy needs, the natural gas industry continues to deliver long-term economic value and benefits for smart investors.

Natural gas products can be traded at more than 120 hubs in North America, and Gas South operates an in-house trading and scheduling room. This advantage helps improve every aspect of Gas South’s service. It allows our team to monitor the NYMEX daily and capitalize on current conditions. Our experienced traders make transactions easy, fast and effective—optimizing your investment.

By engaging Gas South’s experts in wholesale trading, you’ll have a trusted partner to navigate the challenges of the energy market. Your natural gas investment will see:

  • Enhanced reliability
  • Efficient distribution
  • Price transparency
  • Simplified experience
  • Easy and efficient transactions
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