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How Does Natural Gas Service Work in Florida?

In 2000, Florida enacted energy choice programs that gave commercial business owners the right to choose their natural gas provider. This means restaurants, hotels, dry-cleaners and other businesses no longer have to rely on their local natural gas utility company for service. Your utility company is still responsible for maintaining lines and delivering your natural gas—and that’s who you’d call in case of an emergency. But many businesses now choose a third-party provider like Gas South for more rate options and excellent customer service.

Choosing Your Business Gas Supplier in FL

The natural gas utilities in Florida are a combination of investor-owned utilities (regulated by the Florida Public Service Commission), municipal utilities, and special gas districts. These utilities manage the supply of natural gas to their respective service areas while they, or third-party providers like Gas South, manage the transportation of natural gas to your business. Through supplier choice, Gas South can partner with businesses to meet their unique natural gas needs.

With Gas South, you have the option to lock in a fixed rate for the length of your agreement. So, no matter how the market fluctuates, you still pay the same rate per therm. The price only varies by how much natural gas you use each month. Florida utility companies only offer variable rates, which tend to fluctuate unpredictably month to month. These often cost more and make budgeting more difficult.

Supplier choice is only available to commercial customers in Florida. However, if you’re a residential customer looking for more information on natural gas service in Florida, you can find information on local providers here.

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Florida Natural Gas Utilities

Signing up with Gas South is easy. Once you complete your agreement, we’ll contact your current utility or provider and handle all the details to make your transition seamless. Here’s a little more information on the utility companies in the areas we serve: 

TECO People’s Gas

With TECO’s Natural Choice Transportation Service program, commercial businesses with non-interruptible (firm) service can buy natural gas from the provider of their choice.

Florida Public Utilities

With FPU’s Provider Choice program, business owners in this utility service area can choose the natural gas provider that best suits their needs.

Central Florida Gas

As a sister company of FPU, CFG also lets business owners in its service area choose their natural gas provider through the Provider Choice program.

Florida City Gas

Business owners in FCG's utility service area can purchase natural gas through a third-party provider under the utility's Supplier Choice program.

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