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Gas South Preferred Builder ProgramGas South Preferred Builder Program
Where do I go if I have questions about a bill for our properties?
Email A Residential Channel team member will contact Gas South's back-office operations team to help with any questions. The back-office operations team can also be reached at
What if I'm starting a project and want to use natural gas?
Contact Atlanta Gas Light's Energy Connection Center at 1-800-599-3770 or complete the Residential Project Data Request Form. Contact Gas South to sign a Preferred Builder contract so you do not run into any delays when the gas starts flowing.
What if I need gas lines installed?
If you are a Preferred Builder, AGL will work with you to install service lines via the Preferred Builder Website or the Energy Connection Center. Being a Preferred Builder means AGL knows who your chosen marketer is, and billing will be established with Gas South. Once the meter is installed, AGL gives you control of the meter.
What do I do if there is a meter at the property, but it isn’t connected to the house?
Contact a licensed plumber or a contractor to have the fuel line tied into the meter bar. Atlanta Gas Light can then set the meter.

Once your property sells: Gas service can easily be transferred out of the builders’ name and into the name of the new homeowner. All they need to do is go online to to establish service or call our Customer Care Center at 1-877-332-5442.
Want to earn cash for referring Gas South to your homebuyer?
Gas South's Real Estate Partner Program is a win-win for you and your homebuyer. Sign up and either you or your preferred real estate agent can earn $50 for referring Gas South to your homebuyer. Your homeowner will also get a one-time $100 bill credit. Sign up today and start referring! Please visit our Real Estate Partner Program FAQ page for more information.