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Have You Ever Wondered What The Different Charges On Your Natural Gas Bill Are For, And Why You Have Them? We’re Here To Explain.

Gas Charge:

This is the cost of the natural gas you and your family used during the billing period.

AGLC Base Charges:

These charges are assessed by the Atlanta Gas Light Company for the costs of delivering the natural gas to your home, reading your meter and responding to emergencies. They are approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission and passed through to you without any markup from us.

These charges aren’t totally based on your usage, so they may be higher in some months and lower than others.

Customer Service Fee:

This is an administrative fee for maintaining your account, plus the hard work that all of our departments and employees put in each day to make this experience the best that they can for you! 


We know you know what these are, but to finish off our explanation, we pass along any taxes that apply in your area.

There Are Two More Possible (But Avoidable) Fees That You May See On Your Bill.

Late Fee:

If your balance isn’t paid by the due date, a $10 late fee (or 1.5% of the unpaid balance, whichever is greater) will be applied to your account.

Returned Payment Fee:

A $30 fee will be charged to your account for all returned payments.

We all encounter financial challenges from time to time, so remember we offer payment arrangements and can put you in touch with energy assistance programs if you ever need assistance paying your bill.

For more information, see how to read your natural gas bill.