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Perhaps you don’t heat your home with natural gas. You use another energy source, and you wonder, “Why should I switch?” A fair question, and we’ll answer it three times.

First, we’ll compare natural gas to heating oil. You may experience problems with oil, including: frequent oil deliveries, unpredictable oil prices, the high cost of maintaining old oil heating equipment, sooty walls, carpeting, furniture and draperies requiring constant cleaning, and a leaky oil tank and the high cost of clean-up.

Natural gas heating offers advantages including: cleaner burning than oil, reliable supply, stable rates through government regulation, higher efficiency, and it’s simple and affordable to switch to natural gas.

Now we’ll offer reasons to choose natural gas instead of electric. A gas furnace delivers air as much as 25 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump, a gas furnace lasts twice as long, 90 percent of natural gas is useful energy in your home compared to 33 percent or less for electric, and a gas water heater reduces carbon dioxide emissions (equivalent to recycling 1.7 tons of waste).

What about natural gas compared to propane? Since propane prices are not regulated, they can rise quickly when supplies get tight in winter. Heating with propane also requires you to have a storage tank on your property, and you have to pay your supplier every time it’s filled. With natural gas, you don’t need a storage tank; we send it to your home through underground pipes, as you need it. And you pay for natural gas only after you use it.

If you’re interested in making the switch to natural gas, you can get more information from contractors in your area.