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February celebrates Black History Month, a time each year in the U.S. to recognize and pay homage to the sacrifices and contributions African Americans have made in shaping our country. It’s an important month we’re proud to honor here at Gas South, and so we wanted to kick off our celebration with a salute this week to one of our charitable partners, 100 Black Men of Atlanta. 

As a national organization, 100 Black Men of America has positively impacted more than 125,000 youth across the country. The Atlanta chapter, which is one of the largest and serves as the group’s national headquarters, works to address educational issues affecting youth in Atlanta, as well as matters of public policy, health, social and economic issues.

We’ve been proud to partner with this group since 2021, donating money and volunteer hours to their cause. In 2023, 100 Black Men of Atlanta became one of our 10 Fuel For Good Allies. These are groups that focus on childhood education, basic needs and health, and we were pleased to donate $175,000 to the group a few months ago to aid in this effort.

“Gas South’s partnership with the Emerging 100 of Atlanta has been positively instrumental in the lives of so many children,” said Diriki Geuka, president of Emerging 100 of Atlanta, an auxiliary group of 100 Black Men of Atlanta.

With help from Gas South, Geuka said, the organization has been able to provide complimentary SAT/ACT instructional courses for an entire class of seniors at B.E.S.T. Academy High School, provide school supplies for hundreds of students, mentor hundreds of college students across four Atlanta university campuses and provide complimentary financial, physical, social and mental health resources for young professionals throughout the city—see our short video on Empowering Atlanta’s Youth with 100 Black Men and the Emerging 100.

“In May 2024, we’ll continue our longstanding tradition of academic support by providing several deserving students with scholarships of $10,000 each,” Geuka said. “With support from Gas South, the Atlanta chapter of the Emerging 100 continues to serve as a model and flagship chapter for youth-focused community service nationwide!” 

“Gas South's purpose is to Be A Fuel For Good with a focus on supporting children in need,” said Gas South Chief Financial Officer Jamie Tiernan. “The good and often unsung work of ‘The 100’ beautifully aligns with this purpose by preparing young men and women to realize their highest potential. We’re proud to partner with 100 Black Men of Atlanta on the B.E.S.T. Academy, offering interactive mentoring sessions focused on college and career readiness, scholarships to high school seniors and college students enrolled in the Atlanta public school system or Georgia’s university system who need funds to subsidize tuition, books and other educational expenses.” 

Gas South looks forward to another year of partnering with 100 Black Men of Atlanta—and all of our Fuel For Good Allies—as we strive to make a difference in the communities we serve. Happy Black History Month from all of us here at Gas South, Georgia’s most-trusted natural gas provider. 

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