Simplify property management with Gas South’s Continuous Gas Service Program

If you manage multifamily communities or multiple rental properties in Georgia, we want to help you save time, money and energy on managing gas service. Through our Continuous Gas Service Program, we’ll automatically transfer natural gas service back into the property when a resident moves out.

Cut down on your service requests and connection fees through this convenient multtifamily community gas plan.

Gas South makes your job easier with:

  • Our Continuous Gas Service Agreement . Automatically transfers service back into your name when a resident relocates and provides gas service without interruption.
  • A property management support team. Our dedicated team of industry experts will help manage accounts for multiple properties. 
  • Fewer connection fees. Avoid recurring connection fees (and service requests) when tenants move out.
  • Customized pricing. A service plan tailored to fit your needs.
  • Detailed reporting and account status. Receive weekly reports highlighting meter details for each property.

And saves your residents time and money with:

  • Simple, affordable plans
  • No deposit (saving residents up to $150)
  • A permanent discount on our already-low rates
  • BridgePlan™ program for residents with little or no credit
  • Easy sign-up process

Have questions about multifamily property management?

What is a landlord agreement and how does it work?

This is an agreement between a landlord and Gas South to ensure continuous gas service at a location. These agreements ensure that natural gas service remains uninterrupted at your property when tenants move out. Atlanta Gas Light will also automatically transfer the previous tenant’s service to the landlord’s account, thereby avoiding connection fees that would otherwise occur because of rental activity. 

How do I get started with the landlord program?

Please contact the Gas South Continuous Gas Service team at 866-704-5121. 

How do I add a property to my landlord agreement?

To add a property, please contact the Gas South Continuous Gas Service team at 866-704-5121. 

Keep your multifamily properties running smoothly with our Continuous Gas Service Program. For more information, email or call us at 866-704-5121.