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To close out Women’s History Month we are proud to highlight our newest addition to Gas South’s Executive Leadership Team, Stacy Paez, Chief Legal and People Officer.    

Stacy Paez

Before joining Gas South, Stacy served as General Counsel, and the VP of Legal and HR at Infinite Energy. She has held a number of roles since joining Infinite Energy in 2009 including, Corporate Counsel, HR Manager and Executive Director of Human Resources. 
Originally from rural Pennsylvania, Stacy moved to Florida to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree at Flagler College in St. Augustine and later attended law school at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Stacy is now married with a son and a daughter. 
In her free time, Stacy has been revisiting childhood joys by enjoying a variety of experiences with her children, including museums, parks, hiking, the beach, creating “art”, and ziplining in the backyard. During Covid-19, she’s added creating a pre-K curriculum to her household resume. She loves to find humor in all aspects of life, which has proven to be an excellent survival tool for her when social distancing with a mischievous preschooler. 

“I’m fortunate to work at Gas South, where women are represented at all levels. The culture at Gas South is already well-regarded throughout the industry, and I look forward to continuing and furthering that legacy.” – Stacy Paez 

Gas South proudly welcomes Stacy, not only with her breadth of knowledge and experience in the workplace but also her ability to recognize the need for women in leadership roles is invaluable. We are so excited to continue to put in the work and demonstrate what it means to “Be a Fuel for Good”