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Each year, the fourth Saturday of October celebrates National Make a Difference Day, a reminder for all that they can make an impact on society and the world through even the smallest of actions. 

As a company that strives to Be A Fuel For Good, we’re especially fond of this day because it aligns with our own efforts to make a difference—for customers, employees and in the community. Each year, we give 5% of profits to support children in need to make their futures better—a give-back that will total more than $12 million by the end of 2022. And that doesn’t include the hundreds of volunteer hours our employees have put in with various charitable causes.  

A few months back as part of our annual Impact Investments, we gave $300,000 to six nonprofit groups in Georgia and Florida working to help children and families with basic needs, education and illness and disability. It wasn’t easy selecting these six groups. Many worthy organizations applied—and we hope they will again next year and in years to come. But that selection process did, for us, underscore how hard it can be to pick a charity when there are so many great organizations to choose from. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d highlight our 2022 Impact Investment winners for you in case you’re looking for a great organization to help on National Make a Difference Day. Here are the six groups we awarded funds to this year: 

  1. Second Helpings: Second Helpings is a food rescue organization whose mission is to reduce hunger and food waste in metro Atlanta. Visit 
  2. Feed the Children: This charity is one of the largest based in the U.S. and provides hope and resources for those without life’s essentials. Visit 
  3. North Central Florida YMCA: This organization offers programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Visit 
  4. Girl Talk: Girl Talk inspires middle and high school girls to be confident leaders through peer-to-peer mentoring. Visit 
  5. Beyond Limits Therapeutic Riding: This group serves the special needs community daily by offering therapeutic horseback riding lessons that teach life and social skills. Visit 
  6. Ronald McDonald House Florida: This organization supports "Our House," a home that provides lodging and meals to families traveling to Gainesville, FL, to seek medical care for ill children. Visit 

There are lots of ways to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be giving money to a cause. Instead, maybe you make some time to volunteer with your favorite charity. Or perhaps you help a neighbor with a home repair or yardwork. Or maybe it’s just remembering to be extra kind to someone who could use a smile or a few pleasant words. It all makes a difference. And we hope this blog inspires you on National Make a Difference Day. 


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