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This time of year, people are spending more time outside and in their backyards, and so we frequently hear questions about natural gas fire pits—their advantages, how they work and how much they cost. This week, we’re sharing a little about what we know when it comes to these clean-burning and efficient sources of light and warmth. 

What are some advantages of a natural gas fire pit? 

More Convenience: Natural gas fire pits operate with a continuous fuel supply, meaning you don’t need to chop or gather firewood or, in the case of a propane fire pit, worry about replacing your fuel tank when it runs dry. They can be started and stopped with the push of a button—no matches or lighters needed to get them going—and an adjustable flame control means you have more options for setting ambience and heat, which can be helpful at different times of the year. Natural gas fire pits also require less maintenance, as they don’t produce ash, debris or leave you with leftover pieces of firewood. 

More Savings: As one of the most efficient fuels around, natural gas is a great choice when you want to save as it’s typically cheaper per unit when we compare it to firewood or propane. That means more time for you to enjoy your backyard fire pit without it breaking the bank. 

Better for Mother Nature: Compared to firewood or fire briquettes, natural gas burns much cleaner. That’s why it has replaced coal and oil as the No. 1 choice for producing electricity at U.S. power plants these days. It produces less greenhouse gas emissions, soot and other pollutants and is a great choice for cutting down on your carbon footprint and keeping your backyard air quality better. 

Better for safety: Although anything that gets hot can be a potential source of danger, natural gas fire pits are widely considered safer that their wood-burning counterparts. For one, they never cast glowing embers into the air, so you can relax and not worry about setting accidental fires. And two, you’ll never have to worry about extinguishing the fire when you’re done for the night—just turn your natural gas fire pit off with the switch of a valve. 

How do you turn on a natural gas fire pit?

After you’ve had your natural gas fire pit installed by a professional, you’ll want to take some time to review any safety guidelines outlined in the manufacturer’s instructions. After that, the process is relatively simple. 

On a typical model, you’ll have a gas control valve that needs to be turned on first. Gradually turn the valve—usually counterclockwise—to release the flow of gas to your fire pit. Then ignite the fire by pressing and holding the ignition button or, depending on your model, turning the control knob to the ignition position while at the same time pressing the ignition button. Once your flame is going, adjust its height to your preference using the gas control valve. To shut it off when you’re done, simply close the gas control valve. 

How much does a natural gas fire pit cost?

The cost of the natural gas fire pit itself can vary based on size, materials used and design complexity. You can find models for as little as $200 or that range up to several thousand dollars, depending on your preferences and budget. 

Additionally, there will be some expense having your fire pit installed. This should be done by a qualified professional, as gas lines and valves will need to be fitted properly, and electrical components will need to be wired safely according to your local building codes. 

And finally, the cost to run a natural gas fire pit depends on your model’s Btu rating (how much gas it consumes in British Thermal Units), the cost of natural gas in your area and how much you use.  

This last factor, in some locations, can be compensated for with flat-rate plans. At Gas South, for example, we offer OnePrice Plan®, which makes it easy to set it and forget it knowing you’ll pay the same price for your natural gas every month. 

We hope this blog was a good introduction to natural gas fire pits. Stay tuned to our blog and social media posts in the future as we continue to offer tips and information on energy-related topics. 

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